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Postcard From A Pigeon

Postcard From A Pigeon

Hello! How is your leg doing?

I hope you don’t mind but that plain cast was driving me nuts. So I thought to keep you busy. Or when your company comes for a visit, make sure they bring their favorite color pens, markers and see what they come up with. 

Here are some ideas below:

postcard from a pigeon postcard from a pigeonpostcard from a pigeonpostcard from a pigeonpostcard from a pigeon postcard from a pigeon png_cute-penguin-cartoon-character-holding-a-valentine-heart-vector-illustration-isolated-on-whitepostcard from a pigeon


Feel better and enjoy! HERS dragon-cartoon-clip-art_93

PS: Your toe nails may also get designed.

Postcard from a pigeon,,,



Retired in 2015, lived in Chicago, IL all my life. Love blogging and knitting. I'm sure people think my blogs are - hmm - "bonkers". I've read there are eight (8) type of writers. Closet writer, eternal writer, hestiant writer, innovative writer, inspired writer, literate writer, logical writer, and last but not least savvy writer. Still trying to figure out what I am. I like to use clip art or photos in my blog. Try to relate the clip art and/or photos to what I am writing. Eight (8) writers information found on Thank you for stopping by!

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