Daily Prompt: Scorched

Daily Prompt: Scorched

Hi everyone! Hope all is well!

So what have you scorched lately?

Let me see – pot holder too close to the flame,

daily prompt scorchedHad iron set to cotton and was ironing nylon,

Heating up milk and flame was too high,

Vacuuming the floors and was going along heard a rummmmmm daily prompt scorchedand low and behold shoestrings & shoe tied around the roller, so much fun getting it out,

Having a nice day at the beach until the sun has scorched your skin.

That’s it for today – have a great day! HERSย daily prompt scorched

CC:ย Postcard from a pigeon, betchadidntknowthis.wordpress.com,ย ladyleemanila.wordpress.com, blissobirds.comย 

Pictures from Bing.com

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