Daily Prompt: Fish

Daily Prompt: Fish

Hi Everyone! Hope all is well.

Well people over the centuries have said a lot about fish.

Fish = one (1), fishes = more than one (1).ย Image result for free clip art fish

Fish are various cold-blooded, aquatic vertebrates, with gills, fins and a long body covered with scales.

The flesh of the fishes are used as food. Now that sounds gross, yuk. And I love fish willย have to keep this thought out of my mine when I eat it.ย 
Fishes are also used in Astronomy, Astrology. Pisces.ย Image result for Pisces Sign
Over the years we (people of the world) have destroyed a specific species of fishes. This is due to taking over their territory where they eat, have shelter, have their pups. Killing to make money for use in many countries for specific scents, ceremonies, etc.
I’m always happy when I hear “my fish got away!!!!”
Have a great day! HERSย png_cartoon_girls_005
Definitions came from Dictionary.com

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