Daily Prompt: Relish

Daily Prompt: Relish

Hi everyone! Hope all is well.Β relish

I relish the weather we are having right now! Sun is out, going to be in the sixties which is unusual for this time of year here in Chicago, IL. Are you relishing your weather where you live?

What type of relish do you like? Hot, savory, sweet, spicy, gusto, zest, tang.Β 

In the United States we have hamburger relishΒ which is based with ketchup/catsup or sauce, hot dog which is based with mustard or sauce. Me I like a good old fashion relish made with pickles, has a slight sweet taste and a true green color. I have seen some relishes that are bright green which I call artificial relish or call “piccalilli”. I know, I know I’m “bonkers”.

Have a great day! HERSΒ daily prompt relish

Definition from dictionary.comΒ & Wikipedia.orgΒ 


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