Daily Prompt: Bludgeon

Daily Prompt: Bludgeon

Hi everyone! Hope all is well.

WOW! What a word for the other day. It makes me feel like I’m back in the days of olde. Where are the knights, kings, queens, giants coming down the beanstalk to get his golden harp & the goose that laid golden eggs, (taken from Jack & the beanstalk tales),ย Excalibur (taken from King Arthur talesdaily prompt: bludgeon). Back then if they didn’t like something you did it was “off with your head”. (taken from Alice In Wonderland).

Then I brought myself back to 2016. Read a couple of Daily Prompts from others and realize in this day and age we have:
Hot tempers
Rageย daily prompt: rage

Boy! I could go on & on & on. This is so sad that so many people show the above so bold in public. They don’t care who is around when walking, driving, at a sport game, etc.

Old saying “count to ten”.ย daily prompt: bludgeon

Found this on LifeHackerย 1.ย Count to ten: In your head or out loud, so you can cool down and see where youโ€™re at afterward. Please go to LifeHacker and see the rest of this great article.

Take care! HERSย Daily Prompt: Bludgeon

CC: ledrakenoir.wordpress.com, brendonward.org, whiteawjwords.com, flowersandbreezes.wordpress.comย 


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