Daily Prompt: Copycat

Daily Prompt: Copycat Daily Prompt Copycat

Let’s see! If you talk like someone else, write like someone else, walk like someone else, bump into people like someone else, laugh like someone else, smile like someone else, same hair style as someone else, the real scary one is if you think like someone else – WOW! Then you must be a clone.

You have no originality. That is a shame. How do you identify with anyone that you were born to, grew up with, went to school (grammar, high school, college) with.

When people look at you – do they see YOU or someone else?

In this day and age it’s hard to be yourself (original), very hard. It’s easier to be like someone else because you think people will like or love you better.

REALLY! People will never, never, never know YOU! The world just lost a great person that was born original, but it now a copycat of someone else.

Have a great day everyone!
hers Daily Prompt Copycat

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