Daily Prompt: Urgent

Daily Prompt: Urgent

Hi everyone! Hope all is well with everyone.

We all have urgent matters,

Your urgent matter, is different from mine,

Someone is yelling for help, you naturally respond with calling 911 and move to that person, (not all people will do what you’re doing).

DO NOT PANIC!!!! Stay as calm as you can! Call 911 and explain to 911 what ever you know at that time. 911 will ask questions and you will ask the person you are assisting. (what happened, where does it hurt, were you hit, did you fall?) If they want to get up make sure they stay where they are at until the proper 911 personnel get there. If you see other people around, ask them to stand by in case you need help. Remember people do not want to get involved. Don’t feel bad, that’s just the way it is nowadays.

If this URGENT matter happens to you – what will you do?

Have a great day! Daily Prompt Urgent


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