Daily Prompt: Clumsy

Clumsy!ย Daily Prompt Word From 10/13/16

Future Travel

Hi everyone! Hope all is well with you today!ย 

Clumsy! That’s me sort of! When I do something that is really, really clumsy like breaking both wrist at the same time – that is pretty darn clumsy. Great words from my son “Mom! only you”.ย 

I’m not just clumsy to walk, also clumsy with talking, also clumsy with drawing, also clumsy with writing, also clumsy with – Hmmm! Right now I can’t think of any more.

I’m good with giving directions – when someone asks I’m like a directory of this way, then that way, etc.

I’m good at listening, helping, caring, loving, smiling, dreaming, imagining – WOW! Not bad have a couple of more then being “clumsy”.

Have a great day!ย clumsy

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