Daily Prompt: Clumsy

Clumsy!¬†Daily Prompt Word From 10/13/16 Hi everyone! Hope all is well with you today!¬† Clumsy! That's me sort of! When I do something that is really, really clumsy like breaking both wrist at the same time - that is pretty darn clumsy. Great words from my son "Mom! only you".¬† I'm not just clumsy to … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Clumsy

Daily Prompt: Subdued

via Daily Prompt: Subdued Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Subdued is an adjective. Means quiet, controlled. A few antonyms are: cheerful, happy, aroused, boisterous, communicative, excited, roused. A few synonyms are: hushed, low-key, mellow, muted, down in the mouth, , unobtrusive, neutral, out of spirits. Are you an antonym or synonym?  Halloween is coming!