Halloween Is Here!!!!

Halloween Is Here!!!! Yeah! It's here! Are you ready?   Is your hair done? My is shorter, it's color "bonker blond" (sounds better than "dishwater blond".¬†   What about your nails?¬†¬†¬† Pretty neat -¬†I wonder how long they took? If you happen to get your nails done like this let me know.

Daily Prompt: Artificial

Daily Prompt: Artificial So what is artificial? Flowers, art, jewelry, body parts, intelligence, man-made items, love, people. Over the years so many things that use to be grown by farmers and not worried about having GMO items near by, hand-made items knitting, crocheted, sewing quilting are now machined made, jewelry made by hand are now … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Artificial

Daily Prompt: Ancient

Daily Prompt: Ancient Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Ancient - hmmm sounds like me, turned seventy (70) last week. I don't feel old, ancient, being old in wisdom or experience. I still learn from people that are much younger than me, much younger. It's nice to see some of us think alike.¬† I love … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Ancient

Daily Prompt: Underground

Daily Prompt: Underground Where are you? I know you are some where around here. I know you have a secret hiding place, which means no one can find you. Could you be hiding in the basement, cellar? Those are the only places that are underground in this house. Oh wait! We use to have old … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Underground

Daily Prompt: Waiting

Daily Prompt: Waiting Waiting, waiting, waiting and waiting! Don't you just love when someone tells you to be there at 5 PM and then they get there at 5:45 PM. Do you say something to this person you have known for eons? Or do you ignore it again. Remind you they have never - ever … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Waiting

Daily Prompt: Urgent

Daily Prompt: Urgent Hi everyone! Hope all is well with everyone. We all have urgent matters, Your urgent matter, is different from mine, Someone is yelling for help, you naturally respond with calling 911 and move to that person, (not all people will do what you're doing). DO NOT PANIC!!!! Stay as calm as you … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Urgent

Daily Prompt: Trust

Daily Prompt: Trust WOW! Trust is a strong, very strong word these days! How many people do you trust? Do you trust each new person you meet right away? If not, how long does it take you to trust someone? If you no longer trust someone, are you still friends? Will you ever regain your … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Trust

Did You Know This About Hallow Eve?

WOW! The older I get the more I learn about things! Hope you enjoy some facts about Mischief Night, Halloween Eve, All Hallow's Eve.¬† Information below is from Wikipedia.org. In the United States, Mischief Night is commonly held on October 30, the night before Halloween. The separation of Halloween tricks from treats seems to have … Continue reading Did You Know This About Hallow Eve?

Daily Prompt: Clumsy

Clumsy!¬†Daily Prompt Word From 10/13/16 Hi everyone! Hope all is well with you today!¬† Clumsy! That's me sort of! When I do something that is really, really clumsy like breaking both wrist at the same time - that is pretty darn clumsy. Great words from my son "Mom! only you".¬† I'm not just clumsy to … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Clumsy

Daily Prompt: Subdued

via Daily Prompt: Subdued Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Subdued is an adjective. Means quiet, controlled. A few antonyms are: cheerful, happy, aroused, boisterous, communicative, excited, roused. A few synonyms are: hushed, low-key, mellow, muted, down in the mouth, , unobtrusive, neutral, out of spirits. Are you an antonym or synonym?  Halloween is coming!