Disagree – September 28, 2016


What a great word? Do you use it a lot? Every minute, hour, day, week, month – how many times do you use this word between family, friends, neighbors, other people you don’t know not so well?

Now if you say every minute – WOW! DisagreeThat’s a lot of energy you are using.

Now if you say every hour – WOW! Are you ready to melt downDisagree?

DisagreeNow if you say every day – WOW! You are getting better, but still it must be exhausting.

Now if you say every imagesweek- WOW! Your getting close, you start being more rested.

Now if you say every month – WOW! DiagreeAt least you can get some rest every twenty-eight (28), twenty-nine (29 for leap year), thirty (30), thirty-one (31) days.

Well what do you say? Are you going to try and step from minute to hour to day to week to month? Take your disagreements in baby steps.

The old saying “take one day at a time”.

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