Disagree – September 28, 2016

Disagree What a great word? Do you use it a lot? Every minute, hour, day, week, month - how many times do you use this word between family, friends, neighbors, other people you don't know not so well? Now if you say every minute - WOW! That's a lot of energy you are using. Now if you … Continue reading Disagree – September 28, 2016

Fragile New & Elder

Life is fragile when a new person is born. Life is fragile what an elder person dies. People now a days see everything that is wrong, negative.nothing will change. STOP looking through your eyes, instead see the world through the eyes of a child. See the wonderment on their faces and then think back of when you … Continue reading Fragile New & Elder

Blogging Fun!

BLOGGING Fun! - what a world we live in. Wow! What a title. This is day nine of WordPress Fundamentals. I never knew there were so many "blogging bloggers" out there. It's never ending. I love it wish I had time to read all of them. If i did that I wouldn't be able to be … Continue reading Blogging Fun!

Bonkers Stuff

Did you know there is a song called "BONKERS"Dizzee Rascal Lyrics? Go to http://www.metrolyrics.com/bonkers-lyrics-dizzee-rascal.html Here are the lyrics for Bonkers song: I wake up everyday it's a daydream Everythin' in my life ain't what it seems I wake up just to go back to sleep I act real shallow but I'm in too deep And … Continue reading Bonkers Stuff

Bonkers Meanings

Crossword Bonkers Meanings  Amok, Aroundthebend (Around the bend), Bananas, Barmy, Bats, Batty, Crazy, Crazyasaloon (Crazy as a loon), Daffy, Daft, Dotty, Gaga, Gonzo, Haywire, Haywire, Insane, Loco, Loony, Loopy, Mad, Mental, Nuts, Nutso, Nutsy, Nutty, Unhinged, Likely related crossword puzzle clues "Phooey!", Angry, Bizarre, Eccentric, Enthusiastic, Hot, Silly, Simple, Strange, Ticked off, Bonkers used in … Continue reading Bonkers Meanings