🌰🍁 September 🍁🌰

Hi Everyone!

🍠Welcome to September,
🌎Since I live in the Northern Hemisphere,
🍂It’s the start of autumn,
🏊‍♀️It’s the end of summer,
🤦‍♀️Well maybe or maybe not,
Each year it has become a wait and see,
🍉Summer was late coming this year,
⛷Hopefully Winter will not come too, too, too, early.

🍂I will enjoy the changing of the leaves,
🌨I will enjoy the first snowfall, as long as it melts right away,
🧊I can’t handle the sleet, when it turns to ice,
🧊I can’t handle the snow, when it turns to ice.

Have a great September! Hope
Words by Hope.
Photo to left is from Pinterest.

Clip art from Bing.com
Emojis, emojis, emojis.