☠️ 🍬 Halloween – 2 👻 🌝

Hello Everyone!

Do you know who or what you want to be for Halloween?
It depends on your age of course, I believe. Of course sometimes we are surprised at what some of us pick.

Me – I’m always a witch, riding on my vacuum.
Vacuum you say. You have to understand as I got more ancient it’s harder for me to run, hop, jump to get the broom up in the air.
All I have to do now is charge up my vacuum cord, hop on my vacuum, gently tap the cord and vrooom I go!!! Neat!

Be Safe,
Be Smart,
Stay 6 feet apart!
I know it will be hard on Halloween, but we all want to stay healthy!!

And most of all use your turning lights when flying at all times from morning to night.

Have a great day! Hope
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